Foundation of SAR 2010 in Bern (CH) with an installation by Manuel Burgener, comissioned by Florian Dombois. Photo: Florian Dombois, 2010
Foundation of SAR 2010 in Bern (CH) with an installation by Manuel Burgener, commissioned by Florian Dombois. Photo: Florian Dombois, 2010

The “SAR RC Prize for Best Exposition” 2020
has been announced!

The jury announced the “SAR RC Prize for Best Exposition” for 2020 and the prize goes to:

Ernie Roby-Tomic, ‘Reclamation : Exposing Coal Seams and Appalachian Fatalism with Digital Apparatuses‘
VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research, 4 (2020)

Christoph Solstreif-Pirker, ‘Breathing into the Ecological Trauma: The Case of Gruinard Island‘
Journal for Artistic Research, 21 (2020)

The runner up was:
Palle Torsson, ‘Radical Inside‘,
VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research, 4 (2020)

Call for Establishing SAR Special Interest Groups – SIGs

The Executive Board is delighted to renew its Call for Establishing SAR Special Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs may be suggested, organised, and moderated by any SAR member (individual members, representatives of institutional members) with the aim of conducting a particular activity, theme or focus area under the umbrella of SAR and promoting the activity and its results within the SAR community.
For more information on establishing a SIG see: SAR Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Vienna declaration

SAR is proud to present the Vienna Declaration, a policy paper advocating for the full recognition of Artistic Research across Europe. More than one year ago, the main organisations and transnational networks dealing with Artistic Research at European level and beyond decided to join forces to increase the visibility and recognition of this strand of research. The Vienna Declaration, co-written by AEC, CILECT / GEECTCulture Action EuropeCumulusEAAEELIAEPARMEQ-ArtsMusiQuE and SAR, is the first outcome of this important collaboration. The initiative is open to the involvement of other international organisations proving legitimate interest.

The long term aims of this concerted action, and the formulation of documents such as the Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research and the Florence Principles on the Doctorate in the Arts, are to secure full recognition of artistic research both within international as well as national research directories and funding schemes.

Dare Care Share - Vienna Conference

12th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research

Hosted by mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

The 12th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research will invite submissions that relate to three attractors dare, care, and share. It will be the first SAR conference organized as a live online event. We are calling for artistic researchers to present their work, processes, methods, discoveries, knowledge interventions, new insights, understandings, and to engage in exchange – in actions and words, complex and simple, by conventional and unconventional, robust, and fragile means.

The conference website can be found here:


The Crisis Collective ! (cancelled)

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, we unfortunately find it necessary to cancel the conference in Bergen. We apologize for the inconvenience this entails for the participants.


The decision is founded on an overall joint assessment by the University of Bergen and SAR, based on the current advice from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health in relation to the growing concerns on the quick spreading of the virus.

We find the possibility for an outbreak and the consequent risk for quarantines etc. too high.

We will refund the conference fees and get back to you regarding procedures for this as soon as possible.

NB! Please note that that the conference organizers cannot offer any refund on travel and/or accommodations costs, and we advise you to cancel such arrangements as soon as possible.


The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design and SAR are truly sorry for having to cancel the conference due to these unfortunate circumstances, but are looking into the possibility of transforming the contributions into a more permanent format,

like a publication or through digital dissemination.


With best regards

SAR11 Conference Committee

Further information:

SARA / Society for Artistic Research Announcement service

SAR enables individual and institutional members as well as non-members to distribute announcements of relevance to artistic research environments, such as symposia, conferences, exhibitions, performances, publications, study programmes, available positions etc. via a dedicated email list, reaching colleagues who have registered at the Research Catalogue (RC).

For more info or requesting an announcement, go to:

The winner of the Annual Prize for excellent Research Catalogue Exposition for 2018 has been announced !
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