Call for Establishing SAR Special Interest Groups – SIGs

The Executive Board calls for expressions of interest to establish further SAR Special Interest Groups (SIGs). On the opening day of the conference we will provide meeting venues for already established SIGs as well as opportunities to introduce and discuss new plans and proposals for setting up new SIGs.

SAR Special Interest Groups (SIGs) serve the purpose of lasting in depth peer exchange, activity, and productivity on any topic or focus area of special interest in relation to artistic research, its practice, education, and institutionalisation. New SIGs may be suggested, founded, organised, and moderated by any SAR member (i.e. individual members or employees/students of SAR member institutions) with the aim of conducting a particular activity, theme or focus area in affiliation with SAR and promoting the activity and its results within the SAR community, thus contributing to the resources for the SAR membership and the artistic research community.

Endorsement of SIGs is handled by the Executive Board on the basis of a short proposal, including names of the group coordinator and of at least three confirmed group members who are also SAR members. The group coordinator is the SIG’s contact and spokesperson and is responsible for SIG moderation.

SIGs are open to and welcome entry by all individuals who are either SAR individual members or employee/student of a SAR member institution. SIG members are responsible for prosocial behaviour. A SIG will create a SIG page on the RC which, next to information on the SIG and its activities and outcomes, features coordinator contacts visibly online. A SIG will also issue a call for new members and send a short report (1-2 paragraphs) of progress to the SAR Executive Board on a yearly basis.

If you have an idea and are interested in offering an introductory slot on a potential new SIG at the SAR conference or you are already close to founding a SIG, please contact the SAR Executive Board’s SIG action group Jaana Erkkilä-Hill (, Michaela Glanz (


Currently endorsed SIGs:

SIG 1 | “Language-based Artistic Research”, organised by Emma Cocker, Alexander Damianisch, Cordula Daus, Lena Séraphin, see:
SIG 2 | “Spatial Aesthetics”, organised by Gerriet Sharma, see:
SIG 3 | “Arts, economics & management crossings”, organised by Claire Gauzente, Régis Dumoulin, Benoît Pascaud
SIG 4 | “ARIGA – Artistic Research in Generative Art”, organised by David Pirrò, Luc Döbereiner. See:

SIG 5 | “Artist Pedagogy Research Group”, organised by Magnus Quaife
SIG 6 | “APARN – Asia Pacific Artistic Research Network”, organized by Danny Butt, Kurniawan Adi Saputro, Gunalan Nadarajan

SIG 7 | “Co-Agency: Artistic Research as Transformative Practice”, organized by Jens Badura, Mari Sanden

SIG 8 | “Facilitation as Creative Practice”, organized by Adelheid Mers, Marija Griniuk, Janne-Camilla Lyster. See:

SIG 9 | “Sound Research”, organized Marcel Cobussen, Karl Salzmann, Salomé Voegelin

Respective RC expositions – if not yet indicated – will be published soon and provide more information on SIGs content as well as possibilities to participate and contribute.

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