The Research Catalogue Advisory Group (RCAG) oversees the developments as well as proposes further plans and general directions for the overall Research Catalogue project according to the objectives and financial framework offered by SAR Executive Board. Those Portal Partner Members that actively contribute to the Research Catalogue development can be offered a seat in RCAG. The RCAG and its Chair are appointed by the SAR Executive Board.

The Advisory Group of the Research Catalogue (RCAG) consists of the following members:

Portal Partner Member Representatives Tero Heikkinen (Helsinki) Karst de Jong (The Hague) Heide Paterre Möller (Stockholm) Gabriel Paiuk (Leiden) Susanne Schumacher (Zurich)

Editor-in-Chief Journal of Artistic Research Michael Schwab (London)

Research Catalogue Managing Officers Luc Döbereiner (Berlin) Casper Schipper (Amsterdam)

SAR Executive Officer Johan Haarberg (Bergen)

SAR Executive Board First Vice President Geir Strøm (Bergen)

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