The RC now facilitates both individual research outcomes in the form of expositions (there are more than 12.000 registered users at the RC), as well as the portal partnership arrangement with a multiplicity of portal solutions including:

• Institutional repositories/archives, displayed within an international research environment;

• Software solution for online rich media journals, such as Journal for Artistic Research, Journal for Sonic Studies and RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research;

• A teaching/learning platform on research activities, where both the supervision and the examination takes place within the RC;

• A new research management module for handling research funding application within a closed portal including assessment, decision making and storage, which can be further extended to handle applications for doctoral studies as well as doctoral supervision and examination for those parts of final results that shall be documented and stored.

The portal members are partners in the joint venture of developing the RC and may by agreement operate one or more of the portal options listed above.

Current Portal Partners are:

•       Codarts – University of the Arts Rotterdam;

•       Danish National School of Performing Arts;

•       Leiden University – Journal of Sonic Studies;

•       Norwegian Academy of Music;

•       Norwegian Artistic Research Programme;

•       Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen;

•       Scandinavian Journal for Artistic Research – VIS;

•       Stockholm University of the Arts;

•       University of Applied Arts Vienna;

•       University of Bergen – Faculty of Art, Music and Design;

•       University of Music and Performing Arts Graz;

•       University of the Arts Helsinki – RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research

•       University of the Arts The Hague;

•       Zurich University of the Arts.

Members of SAR paying € 10000 or more annually are eligible to apply to be portal partners. Additional costs, including administration and introduction workshop, are negotiated according to the needs of individual partners.

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