SAR RC Prize 2019 Winner 

The jury received 12 submissions for the SAR RC Prize for Best Exposition 2019 and the prize goes to:

Choreo-graphic Figures: Scoring Aesthetic Encounters (2019) Emma Cocker, Nikolaus Gansterer, Mariella Greil-Moebius, Simona Koch 

The exposition “Choreo-graphic Figures: Scoring Aesthetic Encounters” (2019) stages an encounter between choreography, drawing, sound and writing in order to explore those knowledge forms through collaborative exchange. The exposition stages the different modes of practice as an actual dialogue and collision, and derives from the findings of the research project “Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Line” (2014-2017) by Emma Cocker, Nikolaus Gansterer and Mariella Greil. The researchers seek to extend their investigation in questioning how a digital archive can be created that is capable of reflecting the durational and relational aspects of the research process. The outcome is a non-linear rhizomatic (using the artists term) encounter with artistic research, where the findings are activated as a choreo-graphic event. The artist and designer Simona Koch supported the transformation from an embodied, experiential enquiry into different publication formats, including a text- based book, alongside the online digital format of the RC exposition. The RC complements the shortcomings of printed material and utilizes the performative qualities of sound, image and film that cannot be expressed in the printed material. In this way in the project, the digital and printed material complement each other. The exposition can be encountered experientially through a section called “Playing the Score”, whilst the other section “Find Out More” contains contextual framing alongside conceptual-theoretical reflections on the ecology of practices and figures. The authors make an interesting use of the RC platform, communicating their research through rich and articulate interactions between text and multimedia materials. Once the user selects ‘Play the Score’, the exposition becomes an inhabited drawing where performance, documentation, notation and user agency are blurred, and their interconnections are explored in rich ways. The complexity of the exposition is built through written and spoken word, video and sound recordings, photos and graphic elements that enable and encourage the user to literally re-enact the research process. Documentation of the performative elements of the research interplay with [e.g.] artistic writings, presented as animated text elements and reflections of notational forms that are embedded in the current discourse on [e.g.] aesthetics and the human nature. The delightful and enjoyable layout and design of the exposition helps how the reader understand the content. The exposition was published in Journal for Artistic Research – JAR 18. 

Ottersberg 15.03.20

Gabriele Schmid, Prize Jury Chair

The Jury was comprised of Gabriele Schmid, Chair / Angela Bartram (substitute) from SAR Executive Board; Karst de Jong / Heidi Paatere Möller (substitute) from SAR Portal Partners and Matilde Meireles / Diogo Alvim (substitute) as previous prizewinners.


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