Call: SAR’s 2021 Annual Prize for Best Research Catalogue Exposition

The Executive Board of SAR announces the call for the Annual Prize for Excellent Research Catalogue Exposition 2021. The prize aims to foster and encourage innovative, experimental new formats of publication and to give visibility to the qualities of artistic research artefacts. The Executive Board will appoint a jury to assess the submissions. The jury will consist of a member of the SAR Executive Board, a representative from a Portal Partner and a former prize winner.

Facts and figures:

  • Deadline for submission: 31 Jan, 2022.
  • Publication period of submission: 1 Jan, 2021 – 31 Dec, 2021.
  • Conditions: The publication/exposition must have been published (not only shared) on the RC platform.

The language in the exposition must be English.

The submission must be identified by the metadata of the exposition:

Author(s), Title, (Date), Research Catalogue URL (format: where the x’s are numbers).

  • Address for submissions:, with SAR Annual Prize for Best Research Catalogue Exposition 2021 in the email subject heading.
  • Prize Award: 500€
  • Award Ceremony: SAR International Conference, 30 March – 2 April, 2022, Weimar, Germany.

Please note: previous winners of the prize cannot submit for three full years after receiving their award.

SAR’s 2020 Annual Prize for Best Research Catalogue Exposition:

Christoph Solstreif-Pirker – for “Breathing into the Ecological Trauma: The Case of Gruinard Island” –

Ernie Roby-Tomic – for “Reclamation: Exposing Coal Seams and Appalachian Fatalism with Digital Apparatuses” –

The winner for 2019 has been announced!

The winner for 2018 can be found here.

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