Membership is vital for the strategic and operational development of the work underway at SAR, namely the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), the Research Catalogue (RC), and related initiatives. Our activities depend entirely on our members and so your support would be highly appreciated. SAR has two types of membership:

• Individual membership at a fee of a minimum of € 50 per calendar year

• Institutional membership at a fee of a minimum of € 1.000 per calendar year

Many institutional members contribute much more than the minimum fee to promote this unique initiative (typically plus € 1.000, € 5.000 or € 10.000), offering a more substantial support for the operations of SAR.

SAR membership fees support:

• sustaining this unique international platform for artistic research
 editorial work on the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)
 day to day support for Research Catalogue (RC) users
 development of the RC and JAR platforms
 connecting artistic researchers worldwide
 creation of regular events with a focus on artistic Research
 a small contribution to the operation of the Executive Board

To become a member, please use the membership form.

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