SAR Special Interest Groups

Under the heading of SAR Academy the Society for Artistic Research supports the operation of Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIGs consist of people (e.g. artists, curators, scholars, educators) who gather around a shared theme or concern regarding artistic research.

SIGs themes or concerns might vary. Here are some examples:

  • 4E-cognition and art research
  • Artistic research and new materialism
  • Doctoral studies in artistic research
  • Artistic research and science & technology studies
  • Sound art research
  • Artistic research in Latin America

SIGs are moderated and chaired by one of more members of SAR, i.e. an individual member and/or a representative of an institutional member.

SIGs will be launched at the 10thSAR International Conference on Artistic Research, Zurich 21-23 March 2019.

From 2020 on, SIGs will have the opportunity to assemble the day before the annual International Conference on Artistic Research.

If you are interested in establishing a SIG you will have to the opportunity to propose a SIG during the conference in Zurich. A first meeting of SIGs is planned on Saturday 23 March, 12:45. An announcement of the initiative will be made at the opening of the conference on Thursday, 17:00.

Alternatively you might propose a request for establishing a SIG by mailing to:

Conditions SAR Special Interest Groups.

(Amended on the basis of the Ex.Board discussion 20.11.18)


1.    SAR Individuals and/or representatives of Institutional Members may create Special Interest Groups within the SAR environment. Each group have to execute their activities within the frame of the SAR aims and regulations.
At all times the moderator of the group has to be either an individual member or a representative of an institutional member.


2.    The focus, aims and main activity plan for each group has to be endorsed by the Ex. Board.


3.    By endorsement, each groups will have to be self-organized, and without financial or administrative support from SAR, except from RC-announcements.


4.    In co-operation with the local host of the annual conference, the Ex.Board may offer interest groups the opportunity of a meeting venue in front of the Conference opening arrangement.


5.    At least on an annual basis, there should be an open call from each group for new members to join.


6.    Each group has the responsibility of regular reporting their activities through the SAR Newsletter, at minimum on an annual basis


7.    If the Ex.Board finds that a group does not comply any more with these conditions, SAR aims and/or regulations or the Ex.Board regards their activity as a liability for the organisation, the Ex.Board is free to withdraw the endorsement of this group and terminate their relationship with SAR.


In such a case, neither SAR as an organisation nor the members of the Ex.Board can be held financial or otherwise responsible in any way for any loss this group may have.


Berlin, 20.11.18.

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