SAR hosts the annual International Conference on Artistic Research, bringing together leading practitioners, scholars and policy makers, showcasing exemplary artistic research projects, while focussing key issues through critical debate.


Echoes of previous SAR Conference editions:

SAR 13 Weimar – Mend, Blend, Attend

SAR 12 Vienna – Care, Dare, Share

SAR 11 Bergen – Crises collective

SAR 10 Zurich – Productive Gaps, Enhanced Dissemination Formats and Inspiring Failures

SAR 9 Plymouth – Artistic Research will eat itself

SAR 8 Helsinki – PLEASE SPECIFY! Sharing Artistic Research Across Disciplines

SAR 7 The Hague – WRITING

SAR 6 London – Unconditional Love

SAR 5 Stockholm – Loitering with Intent – A Feast of Research

SAR 4 Graz – Mind the Gap!

SAR 3 The Hague –

SAR 2 Bern –

SAR 1 Bern –

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