Executive Board of SAR (2019 – 2020)

Deniz Peters, President (Graz, Austria)

Geir Strøm, Vice-President (Bergen, Norway)

Giaco Schiesser, Vice-President (Zurich, Switzerland)

Angela Bartram (Derby, United Kingdom)

Alexander Damianisch (Vienna, Austria)

Leena Rouhiainen (Helsinki, Finland)

Gabriele Schmid (Ottersberg, Germany)

SAR Executive Officer

Johan A. Haarberg (Bergen, Norway)

Editor-in-Chief Journal for Artistic Research

Michael Schwab (London)

[Click here for information about other people involved with JAR]


Research Catalogue Managing Officers

Casper Schipper (Amsterdam)

Luc Döbereiner (Berlin)

Research Catalogue Support 

Lula Romero (Berlin)

Past Presidents

Florian Dombois (Zurich) : 2010-2011

Anna Lindal (Stockholm) : 2011-2013

Gerhard Eckel (Graz) : 2013-2015

Henk Borgdorff (Leiden/The Hague) : 2015-2017

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